A Tailored Approach


Making important decisions about protecting and growing your wealth requires a personal, thoughtful series of steps. We use a Four-Step Process that provides a framework to design and implement a highly customized wealth protection and growth strategy. Our planners get to know you and invest as much time as needed to give you the peace of mind required to secure your financial future.

DISCOVER. We start by listening.

It’s critical that we fully understand your current situation, so that we can help you accomplish your future financial goals. Together, we’ll clarify your wants and needs, identify challenges and barriers, and begin formulating a game plan that will put you on a disciplined path to success.

ENVISION. We’ll propose several strategic options.

Backed by years of personal experience and the considerable resources of Northwestern Mutual, we’ll draft a comprehensive financial plan that develops possible solutions and answers your questions. We’ll balance your risk tolerance, short - and long-term goals, and the implications and potential outcomes for various elements of an overall strategy.

ACTIVATE. We’ll put your plan into action.

Once we’ve created a strategy, we’ll work closely with you to implement each element and make sure you understand every detail along the way. Part of this will include utilizing current technologies, guiding you through tax reduction strategies, and using our financial planning expertise for your maximum benefit.

MANAGE. We’ll monitor and adjust plans and strategies.

When changes take place in your life and you need to adjust your plan, with our dynamic, disciplined, and proactive approach, we can help you maximize your outcomes.

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There are times to do things yourself (e.g., pay your bills) and get some help (e.g., financial planning). When it is vital, you want it to last, and what’s more, where doing it wrong could be costly–you bring in a reputable advisor.

Northwestern Mutual advisors come to your side of the table to understand what you want to achieve and why. Then based on your goals and our experience, we create a personalized Blueprint. Finally, perhaps with a few changes, your plan is implemented, monitored, and measured to ensure that you meet your goals.